In some situations invention ideas were generated by including 2 or more items with each other to develop something entirely different. ... inventions      ideas      entrepreneur      All     
Safer Browser is a fast, secure and private web browser based on the Chromium browser project (the same platform used by Google Chrome) and enhanced with many additional features. This includes a built-in Safer Security Center that provides an easy-to-use interface to manage all of your security and privacy settings (all within a clean layout and intuitive design giving users effortless control o ... secure browser      private web browser      All     
Marketing portal, advertising portal. FullServiceOnline is a portal from all areas of business, online shops,
advertising agencies, vehicles, software, etc. Inform yourself about the various forms of advertising and
marketing possibilities. ...
marketing portal      advertising portal      All     
The methods a papa reveals his love could be extremely various from the extra apparent display of your mum. When you're in the mood for a good night's sleep, you will not be disappointed. There are daddies ... ... for all the beloved daddies      All     
Numerous invention ideas have actually wound up offering an entirely different purpose than what they were planned for. ... inventions      idea      business      All     
Founded in the year 2004 at 7351 Wiles Road #201 Coral Springs, Florida 33067, AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FL INC offers online education to students for transforming K-12 education. With outstanding curriculum and exceptional teachers, students from across the globe have gained from this online teaching platform. To know more about the school and the curriculum, visit ... virtual high school programs      All     
Product development, and process innovation is often called the "stage gate 'is when teams collaborate to develop new innovations. ... patent      product      ideas      All     
A patent is a government authority or license granting a right or credit for a particular time, in most cases the single right to prevent other people from making use of a particular idea or invention. ... patent      product      idea      All     
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