Motorcycle accident cases are complex. Hiring a specialized lawyer will help you achieve the outcome you deserve. ... motorcycle accident lawyer      All     
Part coming of age story, part treasure hunt, Central Park Story and the blog that runs parallel to the series will lead the reader through one of the most visited and cherished locations on earth, historic Central Park in New York City. ... historical      humor      fantasy      central part      All     
Who makes music videos except the celebrities. We do and we all can. Music videos aren't reserved for the famous and creativity isn't reserved for the wealthy. We are all capable of using our creative muscles, which some of us have lost. ... young people empowerment      creativity      All     
I spent this past Sunday in the beach town of Watch Hill, RI also home to Taylor Swift. My friend and I decided to get out of Connecticut for the day because it was finally feeling like summer and we wanted to hit the beach! ... fashion blog      taylor swift      beach      ootd      All     
A spiritual lifeline offering many articles on spirituality and the human condition written by published poet/philosopher Larry Gordon Thomsen. ... spirituality      intubeing      All     
Today polygamy amongst Muslims in Singapore is still allowed although it is strictly regulated. Muslim men can take more than one wife only if they receive approval from a Kadi, a Muslim religious leader. Read on. ... politics      world      news      All     
Substance abuse is also more prevalent among single, unmarried men - especially those with no hope of finding marriage anytime in the future - which further accelerates the breakdown of social order. ... news      politics      society      religion      All     
Polygamy creates social tensions. It also creates strategies to deal with these tensions. Because there is a wife shortage, men are permitted to reach further down into the female population, marrying girls that have barely reached puberty. Read on. ... polygamy      society      politics      world      news      All     
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